Livestock Processing Price List
Beef Processing
Kill Fee-                                           $50.00  {ALL BEEF}
Processing Fee-                            $.75 per pound {WEIGHT of MEAT on Rail} 
Tenderizing Fee-                            $20 per beef
Hamburger Patties-                       $1.00 per pound
Pork Processing
Kill fee-                                             $50.00  {All Hogs}
Processing Fee-                               $.75 per pound {Weight of meat on Rail}
Curing and Smoking-                     $1.50 per pound
Link Sausage-                                  $2.00 {Raw}  $2.50 {Smoked}
Goat and Lamb Processing
Goats-                                              $85.00 Processing Fee  {Standard Cut}
Lambs-                                             $85.00 Processing Fee {Standard Cut}
Extra Charges
$25.00 Per Animal for One Steak per Package
Splitting Fee- $25.00 Per Split After First Split
All Meat is Vacuum Packed for Longer Freezer Life

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